Talita is only 4 years old and suffers from an incurable brain tumour

Dr Eva Maria Tinner reports on the care of Talita, 4 years old

Since August 2020, we have known that Talita unfortunately has an incurable brain tumour that has now grown through the entire left side of her brain and is now even growing out of her head. I have been looking after Talita very closely since summer 2020. Under my guidance, she receives a mild chemotherapy once a month to slow down the progression of the disease.

The parents are allowed to contact me around the clock and I organise everything necessary so that Talita has as little pain as possible or other distressing symptoms. I also support her parents so that they can act competently and better endure this difficult situation.

Since September 2020, I have been able to offer home visits thanks to the financial support of “Polo mit Herz”. So far, I have been able to visit Talita at home three times. I am also a contact person for Spitex, who can provide uncomplicated information, issue prescriptions and discuss nursing problems. We also work hand in hand thanks to the joint visits to the family.

All this has made it possible that Talita has never had to stay overnight in hospital since last autumn. She was able to closely experience the first months of her little brother’s life.

Despite the serious illness, she always has happy moments at home.

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