Charity event with Christa Rigozzi

Focus: Children and young people with cancer when a cure is not possible

The event, held on 28 October 2021 at the Sonnenberg Restaurant, was a resounding success. The enchanting Christa Rigozzi led the evening with her moderating talent and was able to warmly welcome other familiar faces. The speech by Professor Rössler, from the Children’s Inselspital, on the subject of when cancer is not curable, touched every guest deeply and made them aware of what it means to be healthy… At the same time, he allowed direct insight into the “Palliative Care” project, which is supported by “Polo mit Herz”. Here they try to make the last hours of the child with cancer and their families as beautiful as possible and always give them a smile until the end of the journey.

Followed by the presentation of Professor Rössler, the event was enriched with the moving and fascinating voice of Fanny Leeb. Fanny Leeb herself has breast cancer and is still fighting against a return of this monster. She tells with watery eyes how this diagnosis has completely changed her life and what it means to go on living after chemotherapy. She is grateful to her dog, Lennon, who alerted her to the disease through his own bite wounds. With her incomparable and so deeply moving voice, she ends the stirring interview and leaves each guest in a thoughtful silence with the thought of her song “FEARLESS”.

“Polo mit Herz” thanks every member and donor. In particular, a big thank you also goes to the following sponsors who graced the evening in every way: Blumen Krämer, De Toren Private Cellar – Keller Services GmbH – Restaurant Sonnenberg – Schellenberg Druck AG – Unikat Kommunikationsagentur AG, Vollenweider Chocolatier, VT Wealth Management AG.

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