We are helping to set up a children’s hospice that provides palliative care for children and young people with cancer.

Make the last hours between child and family beautiful.

This is exactly what the new project “Polo mit Herz” is working for. A children’s hospice at the Insel Children’s Hospital in Bern is to be expanded and an additional medical position filled. In this way, children with cancer can spend their last hours in a family environment, in the palliative centre, in a beautiful and carefree way. Thanks to various sponsors, “Polo mit Herz” has its own car, which is used locally in Bern for journeys between home and the palliative centre. This car is driven exclusively by doctors and nursing staff from the Insel Children’s Hospital in Bern, so that the child is accompanied by an additional person of trust and the connection between child and family is simplified and less stressful.

With this commitment, we hope to be able to give many fulfilling moments to the affected child and family, so that these last hours in the children’s hospice will bring a lasting smile to the heart.
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