Charity event with Christa Rigozzi

Focus: Children and young people with cancer when a cure is not possible The event, held on 28 October 2021 at the Sonnenberg Restaurant, was a resounding success. The enchanting Christa Rigozzi led the evening with her moderating talent and was able to warmly welcome other familiar faces. The speech by Professor Rössler, from the […]

Talita is only 4 years old and suffers from an incurable brain tumour

Dr Eva Maria Tinner reports on the care of Talita, 4 years old Since August 2020, we have known that Talita unfortunately has an incurable brain tumour that has now grown through the entire left side of her brain and is now even growing out of her head. I have been looking after Talita very […]

Cheque handover at Jelmoli Zurich

Metzgerei Keller AG and Champagne “Pol Roger” together donate CHF 1,500 from last week’s Jelmoli “Champagner-Wiedikerli” campaign in Zurich to “Polo mit Herz”. The branch manager of Metzgerei Keller AG, Mr Astrit Fejzi, ceremonially hands over the donation cheque to Mr Thomas Fedier, President of “Polo mit Herz”. “Polo mit Herz” thanks Metzgerei Keller AG […]

Metzgerei Keller AG and Pol Roger Champagne show big heart at Jelmoli

In the week from 23-28.11.2020, there will be an activity week at Jelmoli Food Market “Metzgerei Keller AG”. The proceeds from the sale of “Champagner-Wiedikerli” with “Pol Roger” will be donated to “Polo mit Herz” to help children with cancer. “Polo mit Herz” would like to thank Metzgerei Keller AG and “Pol Roger” for this […]

Vira’s fate and survival

We have been affected by the fate of a 3-year-old child suffering from eye cancer whose survival depends largely on our commitment, and we are giving her hope with great financial support. In fact, the name Vira in Slavic language means “believe”, to believe in her future and in the goodness of humanity. To avoid […]

Face tumor removal in children

“Polo with Heart” supports “Mercy Ships 2020” for exclusive operations to remove facial tumors in children. Tumors in the head and neck region are the 5th most common cancer worldwide and can infiltrate important structures (eyes, mouth, nose, bones, meninges) and thus lead to death. Hardly any other cancer disease is so obvious in its […]

Cancellation club event because of COVID19

SAVE THE DATE new Date 6. Mai 2021 Dear members, donors, sponsors and partners Since our priority is the health of the people and we would like to protect it, we have decided not to hold the association event planned for May. It is very important to us to contribute to the containment of the […]