Launora fears for her life

Launora is a child who knows exactly what she wants and expresses it in a very charming way. Fate has hit Launora and her parents very hard. Launora has leukaemia, which is highly unlikely to be curable, although she has been intensively treated for more than a year and has spent a lot of time in hospital. Four months after a stem cell transplant, the leukaemia was detectable again and when the malignant cells were examined in detail, it became clear that no CAR-T cell therapy was an option.

Thanks to the support of “Polo mit Herz”, our palliative doctor, Dr Eva Maria Tinner, MD, was able to take time for detailed discussions with the parents, build a trusting relationship with the family and is available to the family around the clock. With a milder therapy and the administration of blood products and medication against nausea and pain as needed, it was possible to ensure that Launora felt well enough to enjoy her life. This gave the parents enough security to create precious memories with Launora despite very low blood counts and fever attacks. They took Launora pony riding, to Basel Zoo to feed animals, were able to have heart pictures taken and were visited at home by Launora’s favourite comic character the donkey TroTro. The cousins and other dear people also see Launora regularly.

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