Face tumor removal in children

“Polo with Heart” supports “Mercy Ships 2020” for exclusive operations to remove facial tumors in children.

Tumors in the head and neck region are the 5th most common cancer worldwide and can infiltrate important structures (eyes, mouth, nose, bones, meninges) and thus lead to death. Hardly any other cancer disease is so obvious in its consequences and therefore so difficult for the affected person to accept as a cancer of the mouth, jaw, face and neck.

Cancellation club event because of COVID19

SAVE THE DATE new Date 6. Mai 2021

Dear members, donors, sponsors and partners

Since our priority is the health of the people and we would like to protect it, we have decided not to hold the association event planned for May. It is very important to us to contribute to the containment of the spread of the coronavirus.

You can view current projects online at any time on this website. In the meantime, we wish you much strength, confidence and that you all stay healthy. We are positive that this time will bring us together again and awaken our consciousness.


Your “Polo mit herz” Team

4th Charity Night – A complete success

4th Charity Night – Schloss Sihlberg Gallery – 20.09.2019

The 4th Charity Night took place for the first time at Schloss Sihlberg Gallery in Zurich. Besides many well-known guests, we were also able to welcome Pierluigi Tami, Director of the Swiss National Football Team, together with his family. Pierluigi Tami spoke very movingly together with another affected family about the most difficult times of their lives – the fight against their children’s cancer. 

The charity was a great success. Thanks to all sponsors and participants we were able to win a sum of over CHF 25’000. 100% of these donations will go to the individual projects.

The evening came to an end with songs by Tanja Dankner, who is touring with her current album “Supernatural Women”, which was produced together with the music band of Amy Winehouse. The enthusiasm of her unique soul voice was marked in every face. 

We would like to thank again all participants, sponsors and partners who made it possible to organize such a moving and beautiful evening. 

4th Charity Night

Schloss Sihlberg Gallery – Zurich – The healthy person does not know how rich he is!

For the first time in the city of Zurich with a new supporting program.

The big fight against cancer and its consequences

Tobi* seeks the power in the sun (*name changed)

Tobi* had to undergo surgery for a thoracic neuroblastoma at the age of nine months. As a result of this surgical removal of the posterior part of his vertebral arch, the boy suffered paraplegia. Now a further operation is planned to give back life to Tobi*. However, due to the high risk, this will be pushed out again and again. 

The health of Tobi* is in very critical condition. The only wish we were allowed to fulfill “Polo with Heart” is a time-out with his parents and siblings. 

We wish Tobi* all the health and strength to get through all this. 

Third association event

The restaurant “Boca Grande” was filled with 70 invited guests and the event was not only a culinary success with the famous “Wiedikerli” but the commitment of several other members and donors was simply “Grande”. With this great support we can help more severely affected children and support families directly. 

(100% of the donations flow into the projects)

On behalf of “Polo mit Herz” we would like to extend a big thank you to Giovanni Rizzo and his team as hosts, as well as to Urs Keller, Metzgerei Keller, who filled the evening with culinary delights with his unique “Wiedikerli”. The evening was accompanied musically and supported with heart and soul by the jazz band “Raw”. 

The evening program was rounded off with an interesting and moving presentation by Dr. Martin Grossmann Handschin, who has been working at the “Paul Scherrer Institute – PSI” since 1995, for which we would like to thank him again. 

Looking back, a smiling face and gratitude remains to have people with heart around who support the “Polo with Heart” association in every respect. Every child suffering from cancer thanks for the slightest support with a beaming face. 

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Mama I need you!

This only wish was fulfilled for little N. – March 2019

The little N. suffers from the malignant cancer “Neuroblastoma”. The neuroblastoma with seven to eight per cent of all cancer illnesses in the child age the third most frequent malignant new formation with children.

The 6-year-old N. has only one wish, to have her mom with her. “Polo with heart” took this to heart and was able to close financial gaps. 

We wish N. that her mom can give her all the strength to defeat this enemy and her health will return forever.

Much joy in the winter camp

Children and young people with cancer in Arosa, 3-7 January 2019

Tobogganing, first experiences on the ski slopes and cross-country ski run, a visit to an ice hockey game or a fondue party. These are some of the program points of the fourth winter camp for children and adolescents affected by cancer of the Cancer League Graubünden. 20 participants between the ages of eight and 15 years were able to temporarily put their difficult everyday lives in the background. The joy can be seen in their smiling faces.

The free camp experience was supported by “Polo mit Herz” and another co-sponsor. 

Many thanks to Lidl Switzerland

Fundraising December 2018

LIDL Switzerland supports “Polo with heart” as part of the annual Chlaussäckli donation campaign. 

LIDL Switzerland donates 1 franc for every bag sold. This raised about CHF 20’000. 

“Polo mit Herz” would like to thank you from the bottom of its heart for the large donation, which directly benefits the affected families. 

We are grateful to have LIDL Switzerland as our partner who, together with other donors, makes it possible for sick children’s hearts to blossom. 

Financing of tumor removal – Maxillo-Facial Surgery Program

“Mercyship” is unique and offers first-class modern surgical assistance directly in developing countries. Where there is no access to health care, financial resources are lacking or no doctor is available. 

“Polo mit Herz” supported with a contribution to remove facial tumors in affected children. Cédric Schweri, as Vice President of “Polo mit Herz” was on site to give the children strength and joy with his love and person.